At FCB, we believe a brand’s story is never finished.
There's a part that always asks, what can we do better?
And always wonders, what’s next? What’s out there?
it’s not just the story of a brand or an idea.
It’s the story of all of us.

Located in Prague, FCB Czech is the Czech and Slovak representative of
Foote, Cone & Belding.  We are passionate about delivering creative solutions to marketing challenges big and small.  A close team of communication specialists, we are guided by a strong ethos of collaboration and by a drive to always improve.  We take pride in our long-term client relationships even as we work to offer innovative approaches to new partners. 


+420 724 758 251


Kubánské náměstí 1391/11,
100 00 Praha 10

MON-FRI All day
SaT-Sun Closed